Conversation with Ticket Counter Agent

More importantly, back to Carnaval …

“I see you have been to the parade. Which school did you parade in?” asked the Gol Ticket counter agent.

“Mangueira. We only took third. You know, the kerfuffle with Beth Carvalho and all,” replied Maria.

“You’re not staying for the Parade of Champions? That’s a shame! I paraded the next night.”



Changing her tone of voice to that of Serious Ticket Counter Agent: “Senhora, do you know how many pieces of luggage you are allowed?”

“No idea,” said Maria.


“How many do we have?”


“And do you know how much weight you are allowed?” inquired the ticket counter agent.

“No idea,” said Maria.

“92 kilos.”

“How many kilos do we have?” asked Maria.


“Congratulations.” said the duly impressed ticket counter agent.

Maria, who had purchased all of our tickets, had approached the ticket counter armed with false bravado and a credit card, our luggage* and shrink wrapped costumes. She had only prayed for no rain, not cosmic intervention regarding our baggage. Divine Approval? Com certeza! A personal best all the way around, the perfect ending to a perfect trip. Thank you, Jesus!

O Fim.

*this is a new category.



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5 responses to “Conversation with Ticket Counter Agent

  1. leezer

    Bravo, Expat, bravo.

    What does O Fam mean?

    (Your dull and untraveled gringo friend).

  2. “The End”. At least I can count on Loyal Leezer to comment! (She is anything but dull). xoxoxo

  3. maria

    This is not The End.You know that we can find a carnival night on “sábado de Aleluia” in May or June;I´m not sure……Be prepared..

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