Johnny the Caterpillar

“Good news, Mom!” Sunshine announced when she came home from school the other day.

“Johnny the Caterpillar has turned into a chrysallis!”

Johnny is now joined by Ike and Ynalva in his plastic container. Ike and Ynalva are still in the crawly stage, however.



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2 responses to “Johnny the Caterpillar

  1. Raftbuddy

    Darling story!! My youngest a couple of weeks ago took to carrying around a sticky rubber maggot in her pocket and she named him Henri (with French pronunciation- she speaks no French). She got him for her birthday a year ago along with other rubber maggots in a bowl of rubber spaghetti. Henri lived for awhile in a small plastic container (like from the gumball machines at the grocery store) and she carried him around in her pocket. All was well until I walked her to the bus about a week ago and she started crying, “I forgot my maggot! I need my maggot for reading.” (Let me tell you THAT causes some other mothers to perk their ears up!). She had been taking him to reading class with her. I told her that I would have to babysit Henri for the day because I was not going to deliver a maggot in a plastic container to the school secretary to take to her in class. She asked me if she could have a real maggot for a pet. I told her what maggots eat and that they turn into flies as adults. That discussion pretty much ended the maggot phase around here!

  2. Hee-lar-i-ous! My girls were suitably grossed out. Great story!!!

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