Fantasia – Depois Eu Digo


“I’ll tell you later” is the name of the wing of the Mangueira Samba School we will be parading in this evening. You’re not kidding! As I write this, Mr. Understanding still has not seen the fantasia he’ll be shuffling in on February 18th. The fantasias, or costumes, were delivered to the hotel. The Orthodontist had seen his costume for this evening, before he got on the plane, and is seemingly okay with it. Perhaps the sword and headdress combo won him over?

I was in the Orthodontist’s office with my children when he was telling another friend of mine, Southern Belle, how excited he was about his huge “fantasy”. I had to explain to Southern Belle that fantasia referred to the Carnaval outfit he would be parading in, not Orthodontist’s grandiose daydreams about Rio’s eye candy.

Turn about is fair play, they say. I once, jokingly, told Maria and Fernando, in Portuguese, that I loved my husband with tenderness.

This is what they heard: “I am going to make love to my husband in a suit.”

Upshot: the Orthodontist is going to have a supreme fantasy this evening and I am going to love my husband tenderly in his suit, Figurino #6, called the Oriente. We will be in the 4th wing of the school if you have cable. Look for the middle-aged women with fake tans and chagrined husbands.



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5 responses to “Fantasia – Depois Eu Digo

  1. Margaret

    LOVE THE COSTUME!!! So bummed I won’t be there to see it for myself. Can you guys wear them for us on the 4th? I will be cable-surfing all day in the hopes of catching a glimpse! – MCS

  2. It was so fun talking to you last night. We thought about you all day. The costume is terrific. I could never have done what you did, I would be too phobic. I have to write a short piece on my blog.

  3. missionary girl

    Well, party days are over. Cant wait to hear about the reality of Carvival from a participant. Mr. U was so very charming, I am sure!! Cant wait to see pictures of the real thing (fake tan and all!). Know you cant post them here, but we want to see them non-the-less. XOXO to Maria and Fernando. You are all very brave souls!!

  4. Expat:
    You’re going to look beautiful and mighty powerful, like a samuri, in those costumes!! Are you going to swing the sword through the air, cutting an arc around all you survey? I would! Man, I wish I could go see you!!!

  5. Oh how much I enjoy checking adult’s grammar. It made my day. 😀 The pictures are truly amazing, and capture the event well. 3rd place, baby!

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