Favela de Novo (Jerusalem)


Earlier in the day, I wrote about favelas in general. Then I received an email from the pastor of the church, Nova Jerusalem, requesting assistance. They are in dire need of funds and will have to close their doors in April if funds do not appear. SSNJ provides before and after school programs for the schoolchildren of the favela next to them. They were unable to pay their employees their 13th month salary and have only paid half of January’s salary. They cannot even pay for the bus fare for their employees, many of whom who have started looking elsewhere for work. This situation has not occurred before in their 17 1/2 years of existence. The mayor’s office, responsible in part for funding and behind with their payments, is unresponsive.

I admit that I did not fully understand the SSNJ’s elation with the money raised at our community Christmas bazaar benefitting their project. I can see now that it kept them afloat in December, at least salarywise, and they were able to provide presents to the children who were not sponsored by our community’s gifts of clothing.

Should you wish to make a donation please email me. You can make a difference.



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2 responses to “Favela de Novo (Jerusalem)

  1. expat Queen,

    The writing below is what you do so well. I think it is a good piece. As a mother I disagree with your take on yourself. I think you want to be witty and sharp, but you are really compassionate and thoughtful, if a little spendthrift. When you write about matters of substance (although I did like the piece about the sambadome), I think you very compelling.

  2. I wish to give some money. We can talk today.

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