Think of it as a long parade funnel.

Think of it as a giant pissoir.

Think of it as …..

I am deathly afraid of the facilities at the Sambodromo, or, more specifically, having to use them. Imagine having to squeeze into a stall in one of those costumes! Tragic. This is one of many reasons why I will be limiting my liquid intake prior to parading. Rumor has it that the toilets are intolerable. Yesterday a French girl, who had been in the parade a few years ago and has watched it since, told me they were not so bad. I almost opened my mouth to say, “But you are French, of course zey are not so bad for you.” But I did not. She told me that the best way to get to Sambodromo is by metro. Gamamãe had told me of friend who had to ride the metro in his costume because the traffic was so hideous. This the French girl verified. Everyone riding the metro to the Sambodromo for the parade is in costume, she says.

Built in 1984, the Sambodromo is now the official home of the Carnaval parade and has a capacity of 50- 60,000 people, per event. A mile long concrete set of bleachers, it is located in a rather industrial part of town and was designed by the revered Brasilian architect Oscar Niemeyer (I hold him personally responsible for the communist, concrete designs of the rest of Brazil which have left it utterly charmless in places). According to the map of the Sambodromo, there is a Bob’s Burger for the hungry. I also counted 9 restrooms.

Frenchie said not to eat the food and to take a taxi home because we would be too tired to get on the metro. Now this I believe.



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6 responses to “Sambodromo

  1. Laura

    You are really going through with this, right? I thought for a long time that you were kidding….

  2. gamamãe

    It wasn´t just any costume it was a red sunga ( mens underwear bathing suit) and white go-go boots. He is straight too. I imagine the men of your party may have more fabric spots in their costumes to conceal cab fare for the ride home?

  3. Heidi

    Have you considered your little sis’s idea to wear a diaper just in case? It seems to be the trend among astronauts lately. I hope you post pictures of this event!

  4. leezer

    If you can take a cab home, then you can most certainly take a cab to the event!

  5. After Gamamae reminding me of the red tsunga (I think this is the correct spelling) and white go-go boot attired reveller, I am thinking the metro might be kind of fun, kind of campy. The taxi gridlock, apparently, must be seen to be believed. But I will keep you all apprised. Likewise, on whether or not we all wear Depends. Somehow, that seems like a step backwards ….

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