Today I had a make up samba class. I started this project in September and then had to quit in December due to the holidays and my travel schedule. As I commented to my mother, via this blog’s post yesterday, I do not expect to blend into the crowd but I do not want to look like a fool. Believe me, there will be other gringos fulfilling that role. I am not naming names.

The samba is a hard dance to learn. I cannot remember it unless I am watching someone. Not only do you have to move your feet very fast, you have to loosen your hips at the same time – worse than patting your head and tummy at the same time. It is not for a lack of trying that I cannot wiggle like a Brazilian.

But no one actually watches the feet during the parade, they are so focused on … other things. The word samba apparently comes from an Angolan word and has something to do with the belly button, a body part featured in most Carnaval costumes. Reminiscent of aerobic classes in the late 80’s, today’s lesson reminded me, as I flailed my arms and attempted to shake my booty, of all the reasons I was never a cheerleader.


If you are interested in learning more about the origins of samba go here:



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7 responses to “Samba

  1. Meredith

    I have one word for you–JEALOUS!

  2. Margaret

    I flailed my arms and could not shake my booty, and I was still a cheerleader. EMBARASSING, but true. Yikes.

  3. I think these costumes quite remarkable. WoW! I wish that I could see it all. One thing I do want to know is how can you stand to wear something so heavy in the heat.

  4. Radish:
    Apparently one does not really tolerate the costume unless inebriated. I hear that some of the headdresses are, in fact, very heavy and that you sweat off a few inches. But it only lasts an hour. The hat head will be incredible however.

    Sisters: we can always come back together!

  5. Expat:
    The pictures are beautiful! Are you going to have a video taken so we can watch?

  6. Expat:
    Oh, and your two sisters and your folks had lunch together today at P.F Changs in Bellevue. I just thought I’d add a little idle gossip.
    Love you!

  7. JEALOUS! The little things you all take for granted, like going out to lunch at P.F. Chang’s with your family and lettuce wraps. No wonder no one called me. Do not know about the video … technically speaking, I think it would be hard to strap one on what with the costumes we are wearing.

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