The word means hose. What this has to do with the name of a samba school, I have no idea. Maria and I picked this school because it’s parade slot was at a decent hour for us old folk at 11:10 p.m. and because we like the colors of the school (pink and green). The colors of the school have nothing to do with the colors of the costumes. Everyone, from the milk man to the hairdresser, is impressed at our choice. Cheering for a samba school is second only to cheering for a soccer team in Brazil; loyalty is essential. The Mangueira samba school won the first Carnaval parade competition in the early 1930s.

The photo above gives you the idea of the type of costumes we will be wearing. I am not posting the actual costume because then Mr. Understanding and his friend, the Orthodontist, might not get on the plane for Rio, let alone don the costumes. Suffice it to say, the costumes will be big. Lots of caipirinhas have been promised to alleviate any possible embarrassment. They say alcohol impairs one’s judgment, a fact Maria and I are banking on.

Click on this link to see the actual costume possibilites:

Maria and I really wanted figurino #30 costumes but they were sold out. I am not telling which ones were selected but, please, by all means, submit your vote. Mr. Understanding will be delighted with your selection.



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9 responses to “Mangueira

  1. Susan O'Leary

    I am still laughing. I can hardly wait till you get on the plane so I can show my husband the costumes. He would be only to happy to tease R unmercifully. You definitly need many a drink before you even let him see the costumes. I can hardly wait for the pictures of the whole event.

  2. Angela

    Oh My God! You have more balls than me girl!

  3. Margaret

    Agghh! This is soooo AWESOME!!! I really love No. 11 – Mr. Understanding would rock in that one! I am so excited to see picutres and hear all about the big event — wish I could be with you. No one, and I mean NO-ONE, is better suited for such a festival!

  4. Expat:
    I don’t think number 30 shows enough skin. You need to go with Carro No. 6 or 7. I like the big rainbow colored tail in no. 7.

    I am jealous because I have always had a fantasy about wearing a Vegas showgirl costume with a HUUUUGE headdress. You are actually going to wear this type of costume, and dance at the same time!

    I hear your really know how to move your hips!

  5. gamamãe

    Mangeuira is also the name of the mango tree – that might be more pertinent? Not sure where the colors fit in…what kind of carioca am I??? You go girl – samba sounds will be made everytime I see or talk to you – so you start and keep your groove for the main event!Did anyone mention the low camera angles that many photos are taken from during the desfile? Something to consider at yoru next tanning as well as waxing sessions…é isso ai rainha do sapucaí!!!I take it Marias comment was related to the bum-bum region?

  6. gamamãe

    Hey is it against protocol if I respond twice in a row? I checked out the mangueira homepage and there is a page about the history of the school and such if you wish to add to the blog. Also I remembered something- if you manage to get a copy of the film ” black orpheus/orfeu negro” you should watch it- everyone. It takes place in Rio in the late 50´s/early 60´s. Great music, beautiful imagery and a tragic romantic tale. The story is familiar , just a different version.

  7. King (Father of Princess)

    I could not see the costume possibilities because the “link” is not really a link and the address returned a “server not found message”. I was heartened, however, to find out that Angela is pure woman, as I know that the Princess has no balls; I changed her diaper once.

  8. Gamamae,

    To be honest, I later did read the history of the Mangueira samba school but did not feel like translating the whole thing. Care to? I think Mangueira refers to the Morro da Mangueira (Hose Hill). And I did see Black Orpheus 20 years ago in a UC Berkeley Third World Cinema class – see how that has served me well?

    King: I am pathetic at the technical aspect of blogging. Will try to get the blogmistress to help me on this. I think I am lucky to have gotten a photo up, though.

    Leezer and Margaret: I am bringing an empty duffel bag to transport the costumes home. If you are nice to me this summer I might let you borrow the headdress. Thanks for your kind words!

    Angela: The King is right – have not had sex change operation.

  9. maria

    Não se esqueça de pesquisar “Cartola” ;o cantor /compositor do qual eu te falei.
    Mangueira me faz lembrar dele…samba com poesia pura.Acho que ele mereçe destaque no blog e voce vai entrar no clima da escola.

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