A reader wrote in and commented that Buddy wasn’t getting enough blogtime. So this post is for the Chilean brother.

Buddy is on a quest to be rich. He is ten years old. I think this in part due to the fact that we live in a neighborhood akin to Brentwood, at least by Brazilian standards. Near the front of our gated community sits a house we call The White House. Buddy would like to live there one day. It has a helipad, huge palm trees in the front, a sweeping staircase and a garage that fits ten cars. More servants work at the house than there are actual occupants. This appeals to the child who already feels overwhelmed by his daily chores of dog duty, table setting, and bed making. Buddy’s appreciation of the finer things in life, such as Nike shoes and laptop computers, which his parents will not buy for him, fuels his desire.

Buddy’s life plan is either to be a soccer star or a businessman “like Bill Gates”. In his quest, Buddy has started a savings account, purchased one share of Microsoft, and has started various entrepreneurial businesses. Last summer it was lemonade. The proceeds were used to purchase, with his coworkers, a Barnes & Noble gift certificate for Grandmere who had a broken ankle. He also purchased several pounds of the candy Nerds which he brought home in his backpack and then sold for a tidy profit at school. On our last trip, Buddy purchased 15 pounds of candy having sourced the market: Nerds, Everlasting Gobstoppers, Pixie Sticks. He took orders at 6 p.m. via MSN’s instant messaging.

When told of this enterprise, Poppy commented, “Is this a prelude to drug dealing?”

I certainly hope not.

Buddy was busted last week by a teacher. He has a few Pixie Sticks left, though, that he is going to offload at a birthday party this weekend. While we wish Buddy all the success in the world and applaud his creative spirit, we also advise him that it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to get into the kingdom of God.* File this is the be careful what you wish for column.

*Matthew 19:24. Phyllis today at Bible Study recounted one priest’s interpretation of the kingdom of God as a person’s internal state. Food for thought.



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6 responses to “Nerds

  1. Margaret

    For those of you who haven’t met Buddy, he truly is the best. Not only is he a smart entrepreneur, he is a kind cousin and loving nephew. Buddy will be wildly successful as a businessman – he is bright, charming, good looking, and generous. I LOVE BUDDY!

  2. Meredith

    Yes, Buddy is the Bomb! He even used some of his own money to buy Teddy the CUTEST pair of blue Bunny slippers for his baptism outfit. How many 10 year olds can you say that about?

  3. Expat:
    Good for Buddy. He’s an American, no matter where you take him.

    I think it’s easier for a camel to fit through the eye of a needle than for a lawyer to enter the kingdom of heaven.

  4. Jody

    Not sure anybody will read my response since I am about 1 week behind in reading MKs blog.. Buddy is a dear dear boy! He, along with his youngest sister, made my son’s day last week. My son had to come up with a phrase regarding what love meant to him. He said “love is God and Jesus”. The children in his classroom all laughed at him! How sad. So you can imagine when Buddy called him that night to tell him that what he said about love was cool, he was soooo happy and honored that a big kid like Buddy thought HE was cool.. (my son is about 4 years younger than Buddy). Buddy’s youngest sister gave my son the thumb’s up the next day in approval of what my son proclaimed to class and entire school.. Way to go expatprincess and Mr. Understanding for raising such respectable and thoughtful people. I am impressed and honored to know all of you! Sincerely, moi

  5. Dear Jody,
    Thanks for writing in with this story, which is a heartbreaker illuminating what is wrong with society. Fifty years ago your son, Asterix, might have been snickered at for being a teacher’s pet but no one would have dared laugh. In our bible study material it talks about how we are living in a postChristian world. I had never thought about it like that but unfortunately it is accurate – just not in my household! Kudos to Asterix for giving the perfect answer.

  6. Laura

    From Alexander and Laura:

    Go for it Buddy. We´d buy it if we were there.

    Love from Chile

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