This is just the start. I promise not to bore you with too many other posts of this ilk; if purging isn’t your thing, click on. On Saturday we went through the majority of my husband’s clothes and shoes in preparation for our move in June. This probably seems crazy to most of you, but since he will be starting his new job at the end of February*, and he is going to Switzerland and Rio before then, I thought this the prudent thing to do. We have filled two large garbage bags and sent a pile of “skinny” clothes to another location. I was inspired by an article in the January, 2007 edition of Oprah’s magazine, “O”, written by Michelle Herman, who purged her whole house. It sounded painful. She had 360 bags of stuff to give away and a dumpster parked in front of her house that she filled.** Although I have purged all the baby items, I confess it took me until Spring of 2006 to throw away my law school books. If you got to the bottom of this paragraph, click to tell your favorite purging story, and not of the upchucking sort, please.

*Yes, a whole month in advance.
**I can’t find the magazine so these stats are from memory. But I am close on the number of garbage bags.



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11 responses to “Purge

  1. January is a great month to purge, but now it is gone. But for you down under, I suppose it is June.

    By the way, is that my rose picture I recognize?

    Have a good afternoon and evening. Love

  2. Meredith

    I’m quite tempted to purge ALL of my clothes, except for the 3 items I wear. Should I??

  3. Yes, that would be a very French thing to do. I have a ratty, yet comfy, tank top I wear to get my hair highlighted in after one too many bleach spill down my back. It is not hitting the dustbin, however, until June. My internet is back on but the internet phone is terrible.

  4. Radish,
    That is not your rose, except for the one I just replied to.

  5. missionary girl

    They say purging is good for the soul but oh so very hard on the heart. I have found my closets way to small for my clothes so I have set a rule for myself… for every one piece of clothing I buy, I must get rid of three. This serves a dual purpose… I stop to think twice before buying something (is it really worth three of something from my closet) and it has helped me to get rid of unused (but oh so cherished) clothes from my over stuffed closet.

  6. Margaret

    MG – LOVE that suggestion! I am going to try to adopt that technique!

  7. Missionary Girl,
    That is an extremely sound suggestion. I will keep it in mind when my closets are up for review. I am really going to have a hard time when it comes to the sandalias, you know, not that I will ever wear them again in China. How many pairs of Havaiianas can a girl have? You know.

  8. KT

    Since I am moving, I am now purging. Everyone who knows me, knows that I enjoy buying (antipurging), but I get more of a “high” from purging (I guess it is because there is no guilt involved).
    Both of my parents are savers. My Dad is a great guy, and always working, but honestly, I have never seen him throw away or clean anything out in my entire life. When I was in high school, I was not rebellious (not much now either), but while my Mother was at a church conference, and my Dad was at work, I loaded up our oversized Chevy wagon with as much junk as I could cram into it, and used my own money to take it to the dump. They didn’t even know I had done it until my Dad was searching for some contraption that he made to clean out the gutters. No dent made in their mess, but I felt better. Not much has changed at their house, but I’m hoping that my son won’t have to spend his hard earned money taking my junk to the dump!

  9. KT,
    While you make me look decorating anemic, everything in your house has its place. You epitomize “order and progress”. If it were not for their latest move, there would be bits of cheese in my mother’s fridge predating my wedding. Perversely, my mother has purged nearly every article from my childhood of a sentimental nature (she even gave away a birthday gift I made for her to my youngest sister). My father, on the other hand, gets rid of precious little; he even has my grandmother’s high school yearbook. He is just vicious in the intake proceedure. Purge on, girl!

  10. Virginia

    I have been tempted to respond many times but this blog really hit me. Living abroad and waiting 4 months for your sea shipment and also leaving half of your things in storage for 2 years really changes a person. You learn the stuff you can really live without. Last week, we received our all our stuff!! It was overwhelming. We have been purging since our first box arrived. We have a lot of “baggage” we’ve been carrying around. We have about 6 boxes of stuff to go to Goodwill so far. Also, we’re throwing out stuff that isn’t good enough to give away. I just hope the garbage men come back next week.

  11. Yes, Virginia, the garbage men will come back. Especially if you tip big at Christmas. I am guessing that your crafting supplies were not pitched but please write back and tell us what you can really live without.

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