There are several days for baptism reserved in the Episcopal church. Christmas, Epiphany, Easter and Pentecost are the biggies. Although we have passed some of the big days, the church is bending the rules so that us out-of-towners can participate. Missing family events is one of the hardest parts of living abroad so we appreciate this jockeying around on the part of the church. Should something happen to the baby, I believe he will still get the golden ticket whether or not he was christened. Having said that, we all feel better knowing the effort was made to deliver him into the Lord’s care. Substance, as opposed to form.

“Marked as Christ’s own, forever.” That is my favorite part of the service. It is the gift that can’t be ungiven or taken back. (Well, okay, you can regift it).

Today, Teddy, my nephew, performed impeccably. Swanlike over the baptismal font, he stretched out his 5 month old arms as if he knew he was diving into something big. The priest doused him three times (no trickle or polite stream for the child). He did not make a peep.

This was one family event I was happy not to miss. After church we had Costco cold cuts, cake and champagne, and watched football. Both Teddy and Tony Dungy scored golden tickets today. Both gave the Lord His due. It is Sunday, after all, and a gift is a gift – even if you have to look the Colts in the mouth on February 4.



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4 responses to “Splash!

  1. Angela

    Woo Hoo!! Go colts!! I think I have officially become a Hoosier (Indiana native) now. The city is going crazy here!!! Everyone is wearing blue. I even broke down and bought the kids football jerseys so that they could celebrate with all their classmates. I’m sure big Superbowl parties will be happening a plenty!

  2. Expat Princess

    Yes, Angela, I knew you would be a pill about the Colts. But Tony and Peyton deserve this big win and you and your family look good in blue. Please continue to give us the low down on the party happenings!

  3. Can I put this on my blog? It is very nice. I think you said it better than my self. radish

  4. Well, of course. I thought you’d said it better – I just wanted to add my thoughts.

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