It is at about this time of the trip that I start feeling sick about all the money I have spent. Years of seasoned shopping have failed to get me to compartmentalize this aspect of ex-pat living. So far, I have 6 suitcases more or less packed. Technically, I am entitled to two more. All of the liquids are double bagged, as is the specialty laundry detergent for Sunshine who has eczema. The tags are removed from all the clothing. Books and heavy articles are at the foot of the suitcase. The tonnage is hovering around 70 lbs. per bag. The question is, will the powers that be find and confiscate the tortillas? Pine nuts? My sciatic nerve flares at the mere thought of humping the bags into the van.

Ate manha, dear readers. Pray for my mortal soul. Jesus said to travel light and I’m in big trouble.



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7 responses to “Sick

  1. leezer

    I don’t know how you do it!

    I love the new format.

  2. Repentinho

    Dear Expat Princess,

    Buy another suitcase if you need to. You deserve it. Brazil misses you.

  3. Margaret

    Repentinho – Don’t encourage her, please. There are two more full shopping days left in this visit, and don’t doubt for a minute EPP will take full advantage. We’ve seen this Dog and Pony Show before, and it ain’t pretty.

  4. Expat Princess

    Repentinho is in the DOG HOUSE. I am sure that is his creative (not) way of getting me to like him again.

    Marg, just forget about that Rimmel nail polish I bought you!

  5. Expat Princess


    I actually found the button to use to change the format! Am experimenting and so appreciate your input. Now go look up some kilts for me!

  6. Angela

    When are you leaving? Don’t stress!! Hey don’t you check your email anymore or is this public forum the only way I can communicate with you?? Two emails and no reply, sniff, sniff. I just thought I would add guilt to your baggage. Just teasing! I know how it is on those return home visits, too much to do and too little time. As I said in the beginning, Don’t Stress!!! I’ll chat with you when you return to the land of sunshine and tight mini clothes!

  7. Expat Princess

    I am leaving in less than 48 hours. Thanks for your kind email(s). A card and gift for your 8 year old are in the mail. I will call you from my bed from whence I will be party planning. Save the date: 3/17/07.

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