I think not.

My mother commented this morning, “Do you think we could have some civilized eating here today?”

“By that do you mean you don’t want Mexican for lunch?” I asked.

One of the most slenderizing aspects of ex-pat life is living without food you love, i.e. American/Mexican/Chinese food. Although we make up with it in the booze department, it is just not the same. We had Thanksgiving dinner on Saturday night because our 2006 Thanksgiving meal was held at a a McDonald’s in Salvador, Bahia while before we headed to the Federal Police to secure our permanent visas (don’t ask). Yuck, yuck, and yuck. Thanksgiving food in the tropics is a) nearly impossible to find and b) frustrating to cook. Turkeys come premarinated in some weird “tempero” (marinade) that takes about a day to soak off. And nothing to puts me in a foul mood quicker than sweating it out wrestling a turkey in 95 degree heat and humidity. Like most of the Brazilian population, we have no air conditioning. Assuming one has lugged, for example, pumpkin pie ingredients into one’s suitcase on a previous food foray, making the crust alone will induce a nervous breakdown for even the most experienced baker. I choose not to rise at 4 a.m. to beat the heat. So I usually skip the food part of this holiday in Brazil, which does not make me much of a pilgrim.

So, not only will we be eating a (civilized) Mexican meal at some point this week, we are scheduling lunch at P.F. Chang’s. Even as I write this, I am slightly concerned I will not fit into my custom-made Carnaval outfit. But I’ll worry about that in a week. To compensate, I’ll forego the Krispy Kremes this visit, Mother.



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7 responses to “Diet

  1. Meredith

    Civilized food? Does it ask to be excused to attend to the toilette? Does it say “escusez moi” after it burps? Katie, eat your heart out. Who is the funniest SISTAH now?
    Yes, I know and understand this plight. Although Italian food remains amongst my favorite (top 2 or 3), it’s really difficult to eat ONLY Italian food for a year straight. Italians (at least Sicilians) don’t eat other types of food. Why would you? Italian food is the best . . . or so they keep telling themselves. Is this what Brazilians say?

  2. We did Thanksgiving up right except for the cranberry relish, which I forgot.

    We do not have that advantage of being without the food we love. I love it all and unfortunately I love it best when eating with my family. I m trying to get over this sickness, but so far it is a no go.

  3. Katie

    Meredith: I am LOL! Thank God because I’m getting really grumpy with this weather situation. I hope you have enough diapers for Teddy poo. Love ya!

  4. Margaret

    Yesterday I had the unfortunate experience of being stuck in a work meeting with plates and plates of yummy bar food – fries (my all time personal favorite), wings, artichoke dip, cheese bread, blue cheese meat balls . . . I managed to limit myself to 4 french fries. I was quite proud of myself, thank you very much. Of course when I came home to my healthy meal of chicken sausage, brown rice and salad, I was a serious crabby patty. It was good, but life’s just not the same without bar food.

  5. Katie,
    Is that Teddy’s actual poo you are talking about or is that just a term of endearment, as in Teddypoo?

  6. Katie


    I would have been toast at that meeting with bar food. You’re much stronger than me.


    I met it in a term of endearment way. It just came out like that. It is kind of funny on the poop humor side. Leezer are you out there?

    These blogs are fun!

  7. Katie,
    You slay me. Leezer has infected you, albeit subconsciously.

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