A mere 30 hours, door to door. No Famous Grouse, no YSL but some MAC eyeliners were purchased (they do not involve gel or liquid). Very bumpy until we reached the top of South America. A family with 3 children sitting in 4 seats sat in front. Two of the children screamed and cried throughout the majority of the trip – the hazards of international airline travel. I’d had 2 baby whiskys and half a lorazepam so, although I slept very little, I remained unperturbed. New Jersey was a delight. Buddy, my 10 year old son, had his backpack scanned for explosives; we can’t award him the dunce award just because the TSA was confused by an Ipod shuffle. We even got to ride on one of the carts for senior citizens. At Seatac we met Poppy and Grandmere in record time, had a traditional American lunch of hamburgers, and got on the road. Shortly after turning off 1-5 the snow started to fly. This leg of the journey, with my own 3 squirrely children, took 2 hours. A painful crawl but we are here and a fresh scotch is in hand. Pray the electricity doesn’t go out.


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  1. The best way to discribe it was an hour and a half home from a grocery store that is standard 20 minutes. From So. American this is the first time the kids had seen snow falling. This made them very exhilared, on top of the hype from the trip. But crawling in the snow was old hat by the time we got home.

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