The plane takes off at 11 p.m. this evening. We leave our house a mere 5 hours earlier for the airport; traffic, general Third World chaos, and Brazilian air traffic controllers (of which there are apparently too few) are contributing to the need to muck about in Guarulhos earlier than the normal 4 hours. Should we make it through security in a timely fashion, we will head directly to duty free. We have had a few of our own mishaps at the xray machine and now as a family take bets on who will get the dunce award for packing stuff they shouldn’t. The Brazilians have confiscated a silver pie server studded with a semi-precious stone (my bad) and quite a few pairs of scissors (the kids), a few of which are still left on display for other dunces to see in the acrylic dropbox. You would think we’d learn. Right before 9/11 I’d also packed steak knives in my carry on. These were discovered, as one would hope, returned to the ticket counter, and issued their own luggage claim. At least I got them back; somewhere in Sao Paulo, someone is enjoying a very posh pie server.

But back to duty free. It calms my nerves. Britsy tells me I have to have one of these YSL lip pens and the accompanying under eye concealer. So, I am on the hunt. I still have to look up the rules for duty-free liquor – am not sure that won’t get confiscated in the US. But what I wouldn’t give for a Famous Grouse at the other end! Then there is chocolate and gum for all. We will be passing on tobacco and eletronics.

My husband has generously plied me with airline currency with which to purchase whisky on board. After everyone is settled I will swallow half a lorazepam with some whisky and finger my necklace with the cross, Virgin Mary from Lebanon, Virgin Mary from Mexico, and locket with photo of Angel, daughter #1. Curently, we are seated at the back of the plane. While close to the loo, this makes for a bumpy ride over Amazon. Faith, booze & tranquilizers bring me ever closer to my family! If not, this might be the world’s shortest blog. See you in snowy Seattle and say a prayer for our safe arrival.



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6 responses to “Nerves

  1. Margaret

    CAN’T WAIT!!! Oh yeah, though, I have some shopping for you to do before you come — Can you bring me a rare Amazonian headdress, a new greem woven napkin basket, and a computer monitor? HA! LOVE YOU AND WILL PRAY OFTEN FOR YOUR SAFE ARRIVAL!

  2. expatprincess

    One step ahead of you – already have it all packed. And then some. Don’t tell Mom and Dad.

  3. leezer

    Georgia’s Hello Kitty Lip Gloss was confiscated when they weren’t letting liquids or gels on flights. She was bummed. I think the slightly effeminate security person just wanted it for himself.

    I know MCS has been shopping for you. Can’t wait to see you!

  4. gamamãe

    I was allowed , encouraged even to buy Burberrys perfume in São Paulo Duty Free and was happily handed the bag to walk on the plane with. No one mentioned or reminded me anything I should should do, such as put the bag with fancypants perfume in my suitcase, before it got re-checked to another destination after going through customs in Chicago. So off I go through the security checkpoint in Chicago where a very serious guard told me this was liquid and liquid ws not allowed through. It didn´t matter that it was freshly bought, complete with unopened box and receipt, from a DUTY FREE store. I could go back, and wait in line at the ticket counter and see if they could check my perfume to my final destination. So, I bit farewell to the perfume I had hoped to call mine, and ran to the gate to make my connecting flight, all stinky and cranky!

  5. expat princess

    Funny you should mention that. I asked before buying the Famous Grouse and decided to nix the between flight transfer and pay premium dollars. Very sad about the perfume though. Maybe your husband will buy you some before exiting the SP Duty Free?

  6. gamamãe

    Great minds think alike – I spoke with said hubby last night and he felt they had relaxed at airports about perfume, so I already passed along my request for his return trip!! Glad you made it there safely – on all legs of your trip/journey. Enjoy the snow while it still looks pretty. Have a great time.

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