We are going to Grandmere’s (and Poppy’s) house and we are bringing:

cold weather clothing, such as we have
Christmas and birthday presents
a shopping list
chapped lips and peeling skin
needlepoint projects
outfits for Theodore’s baptism
a whole lot of love

Shwoo hoo! We are getting excited!!!!!

Tomorrow’s topic: Duty Free.



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6 responses to “Packing

  1. Can not wait to see you. Ae you sure you want Thanksgiving. Rmember it is raining. This means a table in the living room.

    Shame on you for putting Karenhall as a link. WHO EVER WILL READ ME NOW> MOTHER

    But she is great and when I found out she was counting her weight watcher points for martinis, i was truly in love with you.

  2. Margaret

    Not to be a downer, but snow is predicted for Wednesday – and lots of it. 😦

  3. expatprincess

    Way to bring me down, Margaret! Does my vehicle need snow tires?

    Mother, I think Karen Hall will decimate my delusions of grandeur quite nicely. I enjoyed her blog on names – you all know how I feel about them. I am on the same page with someone at least!!!

  4. leezer

    Is Margaret Retreating on the weekend (as with the Firm,) when can we get together??

  5. Meredith

    Yeah, let’s hope we can make it to the airport to pick you up. Otherwise, you’ll have quite some time in DutyFree.

  6. Gee thanks. Duty free is in SP. Leezer, Marg is retreating but we are going to cook up another time.

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