We bid farewell to our British friends (by way of Spain, Mexico, Brazil & Argentina) this morning at 4 a.m. Although they are light packers, they left with an additional suitcase, a shameful dominoes record, and many fine memories. The rain let up at the beach for an hour or two around midnight on New Year’s Eve so that we could build our little altar of candles, swill some champagne, and jump in the waves. We had a lovely, albeit drippy, New Year’s churrasco the car port of the rented house and played charades. The men drank (almost) an entire bottle of Johnny Walker Black and, at what some would call a low point, sang Kumbayah (sp?) on the beach between bouts of spectacular fireworks. Everyone wore white.

During the week’s visit we ate, swam, drank, swam, and talked incessantly. There were so many things to talk about. And nary a grumpy moment, tiff, or pout. Perfectly behaved children, interesting children, likeable children. Accessorized women. Helpful men. It is hard to spend 8 days with another family and not have a bad moment but we accomplished it and look forward to more holidays together.

Sunshine, the 8 year old, said as her friend drove away, “See you in Paris or Shanghai!” How cosmopolitan is that?



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4 responses to “Friends

  1. Expat:
    See you in Paris or Shanghai!!!

    Your vacation sounds wonderful. You are one lucky lady to have had the experiences you’ve had living all over the world!

  2. gamamãe

    Sunshine has the right idea..embrace your cosmopolitaness. WIth names such as gradmere and poppy- you´d be cosmopolitan even if you did end up in Ohio!!
    It would be interesting to hear at the end of your blog year if peoples New Years undies panned out over the year. May you always have 7 waves to jump – regardless of your geographical location.

  3. expatprincess

    I keep forgetting that I need to respond. Sorry. Gamamae, we will know by the end of the year if my wish came true. I will either be in a mental institution or have mastered the art of Zen. 2007 looks like a lot of work to me. Leezer, yes I am blessed! But remind me to buy a decent toilet plunger, both for here and for China, when you see me. Some things are not so easy. Just ask my middle sister.

  4. Margaret

    JEALOUS!!! Sounds like a great vacation – wish I was there. Actually, I wish I was one of your children. See you in Sammamish or Camano!

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