A friend recently told me that it is a New Year’s tradtition in Brazil to wear a new pair of undies on New Year’s Eve, at midnight, to bring good luck for the coming year.  I  am by no means supersticious,  but find the tradition charming and have bought myself and a friend each a pair.  There is a little pocket stitched on the front into which one can place a written note.   

The colors and their significance: 

Yellow – to attract money, success, and for those who need to “tone” the nervous system.

Green – for those in search of harmony

Blue – to bring tranquility

Pink – to bring happiness and love

Lavender – to bring confidence

White – to bring peace and equilibrium  

At the store I went to, there was no lavender or green at all and no blue or yellow in my size.    Pink is my favorite color so I went with that.  “Bitsy” will be receiving yellow, in the hopes of propelling her writing career.  Bitsy is another expat princess, although of a different nationality, and will appreciate the gesture, especially since her gift is a size smaller than mine. It is also a major faux pas to wear any color other than white for New Year’s in Brazil.  The first year I went to the beach I brought my standard black and received many concerned looks.  This year I am wearing a white outfit from Salvador, Bahia and though I will not fit right in, at least it’s a start. Here are some other Brazilian (?) ideas to ring in 2007:

 Jump over 7 waves while making a wish.

Eat 7 grapes one at a time, spitting out the seeds, while making a wish.

Eat lentils for prosperity (my mother’s personal fave).

Eat a pomengranate for luck, prosperity, and health.

Tuck a dollar bill into your wallet at midnight.   

If all else fails, open a bottle of champagne.  I will be wave jumping with my children. 



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3 responses to “Panties

  1. I must give up lentils this year I think. My intestines can not take it. On the other hand, I am not going anywhere.

  2. I am very proud of the Webmaster of this blog. Come back and work on mine. I love you.

  3. Poppins:
    Good for you on your second post! I love the underwear idea. I am wearing white today and feel very calm.

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