Expat Princess

Dear Reader:

Initially, I was only going to blog about a transition year of my life, moving from Brazil to China. Three point five years later, I am blogging about another transition: moving from China to Spain. I have lived almost 15 years outside of the United States, first in Mexico, then Brazil and China, now Spain. I always think I am moving to Ohio, which at this point, would also seem like a foreign country.

The life of an expat princess was not my original life plan. My original life plan included being a lawyer, having a husband and two children, and alternating colored and white loads of laundry. God, for reasons still not clear to me, spared me 15 years of toilet cleaning. Not doing your own housework for decades on end can’t be good for the soul, can it? The current life plan has me gainfully unemployed, with a husband (still!) and three children, almost all of whom are teenagers. Now in Spain I am relearning how to cook and clean but would rather be exploring and doing a zillion other things.* Ah, but wouldn’t we all? So really, the blog should be renamed “Memoirs of an American Expat”. But it’s not. Got to stay with the brand-name.

Oh, there’s the dryer alarm! Which means I have to go shut it off because, in Spain, there is no way to turn switch off the alarm and it is like Chinese water torture to have to listen to it. Even the technician can’t disable it.

*Someone does do my ironing and toilet cleaning for me now. Ironing = domestic helper, toilet cleaning = teenager.


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